At Sharon Lyall, CPA, we offer a free asset review. This service is a diagnostic review of your real and personal property taxes that have been assessed by taxing authorities. 

During our free review, we: 

  • Identify opportunities to reduce both real and personal property tax assessments 
  • Focus on industry-specific issues that could impact value, obsolescence, fixed assets, cost components, and exemptions
  • Use comparable sales, pricing guides, replacements costs, and income to analyze valuation 
  • Provide a report that specifies our findings and provides recommendations to reduce assessed values

Once the report has been provided, you can choose to move forward to resolve any issues that we found during our free asset review. 

While most of our recommendations result in businesses saving money, we occasionally come across instances of underreporting during our review. Even if that is the case, we can help you avoid additional penalties by fixing the error. It is always to your advantage to correct any issues as soon as you become aware of them. 

Regardless of what your review reveals, and with your approval, Sharon H Lyall CPA will work with the local assessing authorities to implement our findings positively and proactively. 

If necessary, we work on your behalf to resolve any issues through hearings and/or tax boards.

Our expertise and local relationships foster speedy resolutions to erroneous assessments. For properties deemed reasonably assessed, you can have confidence in knowing that your taxes are appropriate.